Welcome to Sonejo Media Studio!

Sonejo [sonéyo], esperanto word for "the place where the sounds are" or "sound room".

...I'm on the road with all my camels, full of equipment, experiences, ideas and the wish to create a lot of beautiful things.




The first camel has got a lot of good recording stuff, microphones, 10 channel- interface, shortly all the stuff we need to make professional recording. You can read more about this camel on the Recording page. If you want to see what we recorded before just check the music menu or have a listen at the SONEJO Music Compilation.



The second camel is carrying the grafic design stuff. From logo design to flyer to cd booklet, he has all the tools and the creativity we need to achieve the best design. You can read more about this camel on the Graphic Design page.




The third camel has got the film and video stuff. With this we can make documentary films, video clips or other video works. Just check the Video Production page for more information.




The fourth camel is carrying all the music production tools, my instruments and my musical creativity. You can read more about this on the Audio Production page.



Futhermore they are some other camels carrying our Audio Projects.

Alright, and if you want to know where we are actually in the world and where we are going next just check the Current Mission page!

So, we wish you a lot of fun surfing our pages!
See you soon