Welcome to the recording section!

We are proud to bring a new concept of recording: Keep it simple to be mobile. Not the biggest mixer, not the the most expensive hardware and software, but just a set as little and as powerful as possible, the knowledge, the creativity and the motivation to achieve the best recordings, doesn't matter where in the world! With our equipment we are able to record everything, from acoustic instruments to electronic music, from street musicians to whole bands... less is more and our passion to music has always shown us that everything is possible!

If you want to see what we did in the past, just have a look to the Music menu or have a listen to the SONEJO Music Compilation!




  • M-Audio NRV10 Mixer and Interface (up to 10 channels simultaneously)
  • M-Audio Studiophile Monitors
  • Rode NT1A
  • Rode NT5 (x2)
  • Shure SM58
  • Zoom H4n
  • M-Audio Oxygen 49
  • Miditech Control-25
  • Akai 7 Band EQ
  • Ken Multi Digital Delay
  • Sennheiser HD280 Headphones


We are working with LinuxMint and using only open source software:

  • Ardour Digital Audio Workstation (Recording)
  • QTractor (Recording and Midi)
  • Audacity (Recording)
  • Hydrogen (Drum machine)
  • ZynAddSubFX (Synth)
  • QSynth (Sampler)
  • Sooper looper (Loop Station)
  • ...and a lot of plugins (LV2, LADSPA and VST)
  • ...and all the other open source audio software, see the list here.


We are quite flexible with all this stuff, so we can use your equipement and your software as well to make the best for the music!


Furthermore we work with DIRTY SOUND RECORDINGS for live recordings and demo tapes. Have a look and a listen here: