About Me


To introduce myself: My name is Vincent Rateau, born in 1984 and I come from france. I've lived in Germany since 2001, where I studied linguistics and media studies.

I began to play violin in Paris when I was 6 years old, and after that I began to take up other instruments (guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion) and above all with recording techniques. In 2003 I recorded my first project and since then I get again and again the offer to produce completely new projects (recording, mixing, mastering, until to graphic design etc.)

When I finished my studies, I wanted to enlarge my knowledge in music and recording techniques. So I went in januar 2010 to Ireland to work as intern in Shay's Recording Studio in Loughrea in Ireland.

After this great internship I decided to go on with recording, but also with graphic design and video production.  I really feel that music is the passion i want to follow, so I created Sonejo Media Studio to offer my knowledge and my creativity to make a lot of beautiful productions. I'm looking forward to them!

To date I have got knowledge and experience in the following areas:

*Orchestra (10 years)
*Violin (12 years)
*Guitar (since 2001)
and other instruments like percussion (djembe), bass, keyboards...

Recording techniques:
*Good knowledge above all with Ardour and Samplitude, but also with Logic, Cubase and Protools (and other DAWs).
*Recording, mixing, mastering and other studio operations (from one-man artists to complete bands).
*Audio and midi, sythesizers, samplers, sequencers, effects...
*In the last five years I specialized in music production with open-source software (above all with the open-source operating system linux).

Furthermore, I work freelance in event management, stage construction and in internet design and programming.

For the certificate of my studies I made a short film about a theme which is always interesting to me: The language of music. However it is recorded in French and German only at the moment. When I don't have a recording projects I make music "for me" (look at Ras Tilo in the Artists page).


I wish you a nice time surfing these pages and if you feel like working with me, just contact me, so we can talk about your ideas and all the possibilities we have. I look forward to hearing from you!

Yours sincerely,

Vincent Rateau



Contact: azvinz(at)yahoo(dot)de

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Facebook Fanpage: Sonejo Media Studio

Google+: sonejo.net

Diaspora* ID: vinz(at)diasp.eu