Graphic Design

Welcome to the Graphic  Design section!

Here also we are bringing the same concept: We don't have the most expensive graphic software and all this stuff nobody needs, but only the best software we know, the creativity and the experience to achieve the best graphic design. We are also working with different duplication and print companies, so we can do everything from the first concept to the final product. From poster, logo design to flyers and cd-booklet or for websites, everything is possible!



We are using only open source software for graphic design.

  • The Gimp (Bitmap)
  • Krita (Bitmap)
  • Inkscape (Vector)
  • Xara XTreme (Vector)
  • Scribus (Publishing)
  • Blender (3D)
  • Phatch (batch processor for pictures)
  • FontForge (to create fonts)
  • ...and all the other open source  graphic software for linux.



Here you can find an exerpt of our graphic design work:


Gallery (Booklets, Posters, Flyers)