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SF-IO - An Old-School Science-Fiction Adventure RPG Game



SF-IO is an Old-School Science-Fiction Adventure RPG Game.


This is an amazing space adventure with some role-playing elements. You can earn money, buy space ships, objects and trade with wares.  This time, you need to save the world and reconnect a decentralized network around the solar system!


  • - 10 different Planets and Ships to visit  in the Solar System
  • - 3 amazing Space Ships
  • - Travel with Space Ships, Train, Boat...
  • - Trade between the planet shops.
  • - Figure out amazing landscapes and mysterious places
  • - Talk to people and figure out the amazing story
  • - Solve problems and accomplish important missions

Languages available: English, Esperanto


This software is licensed under the GPL v2.










RenRPG - a RPG Game Master Tool


With RenRPG you can create up 4 characters with health points (hp), magic points (mp), experience (xp), cash and items.

You can create as well up to 4 totally configurable dice sets.
With those tools send your players into incredible adventures!

This software is licensed under the GPL v3.



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